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Russian Explorer – is the first international historical and geographical magazine about Russia.
On the pages of the magazine, we discover the wild and freedom-loving Russia, with its pristine nature, archaic culture and the rich heritage of our ancestors!

We are uniting the best photographers, documentary filmmakers, professional travelers and explorers to rediscover the Russia for the whole World!

Russian Explorer is not just a magazine – it’s a dream, it’s a lifestyle! For many it is an opportunity to go where they just never have time to go in life. This is an opportunity to look beyond the horizon, to broaden their knowledge about the world around us. This is an opportunity to look inward and, touch the roots of our culture and way of life, to understand who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

The journal mission – to inspire people to love Russia!

Russian Explorer magazine is a non-profit project.
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Russian Explorer magazine is read in 72 countries in the world!

The darker color on the map – the greater part of the audience takes this country.

The magazine is published in Russian and English languages and is available in more than 127 countries around the world! Users can read the magazine as the official app for the Apple iPad, as well as directly on site (on tablets and smartphones opens automatically adapted mobile version).

The magazine, which is loved from birth
Звёзды рейтинга койтот


«After read this mag, I have this massive need to visit Russian! The mag is made in such way, I feel involved with it. The photos are amazing. Never knew Russia was so beautiful. Keep up the great work guys!».
Need to go to Russia (Jan 25, 2015) from Australia
Звёзды рейтинга койтот

Excellent Discovery Magazine

«It looks like only two issues of this magazine were ever published (Nov 13, Dec 13 | Jan 14), unless I’m reading something wrong. Hopefully the interpid folks behind this app\magazine will produce some new issues. Beautiful photos show locations that will be unfamiliar to many, giving us the chance to make new discoveries. Particularly awesome was the time-lapse video of the aurora borealis in the dec\jan edition. Also good features on wolves and polar bears. Please, please make some new issues!».
Dangela4700 (Jan 17, 2015) from USA

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