Travelling shoes.

These advices will be very helpful not only in travelling, but in ordinary life too.
  • Never go on long journey in new shoes. After buying shoes, first of all you should wear them in to check that they are comfortable enough for lengthy use. That’s why you should walk in them more often and wear them on short trips.
  • You should always handle your shoes with some special care; creams or aerosols (your choice depends on a material). If you have leather shoes, you can use grease or castor oil instead of cream. If there is nothing available, you can even use soapy solution, shoes handled in this way will keep water out for 2-3 days.
  • Always bring another pair of shoes with you, which you can walk around camp in. Your feet need to relax after wearing heavy boots. Light jogging shoes are a good choice.
  • Don’t forget about the “golden rule” of all travelers – always try to keep your feet dry! Air your shoes as soon as possible. You don’t have to place your shoes near a fire or other source of heat, because high temperature can deform leather shoes strongly or melt the synthetic materials of membrane shoes.
  • Professional travelers use special foot sacks for storing their shoes. Don’t place dirty shoes inside a tent! If you don’t have a special sack, put your shoes outside, under the tent or in the tent-corridor. However it’s not an ideal solution, because during the night dew can be formed on the grass and your shoes will be wet in the morning. You should, therefore, put dry shoes into a bag.
  • You should definitely check your shoes before wearing them every time! Some arthropods such as scorpions or centipedes like to hide from heat in dark and wet places, actually in southern regions. That’s why checking and shaking out your shoes is a must!
Text: Andrey Sugakov-Romanov.  Translation: Margarita Maslova.  Photo: Alex Nerozya.

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